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Email tersebut berisi list dari Raja-Raja yang pernah berkuasa di Kerajaan Tabukan, semoga daftar ini bisa menjadi bahan sejarah bagi kita semua, khususnya sejarah Nusa Utara.

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  14. REGENT L.W. ISRAEL KAKOMBA(1881-1882(ONLY IN 81?)

78 thoughts on “RAJA-RAJA TABUKAN”

  1. Dear Mister Buol;

    Actually this list was only meant for the dynasty of Tabukan and also to read by you as I wrote(sorry I sat y this),but okay.In 1929 Temporary(Wakil)-Raja Justus Kathiandagho ruled for some months after Raja Willrm Sarapil was deposed.
    I hope,that later some people will also visit this blog,who has the interest in the raja2 Sangir-area.
    Thank you.

    Hormat saya:
    D.P. Tick

  2. Dolly Adolfin Schädli Lumiu said:

    Dear Mr. D:P: Tick

    Mr. Tick

    Hahhahahahhahahah how could u had some such record rubbish thinks about Daftar Raja2 kerajaan Tabukaan ( Salurang) because Manganitu has his own raja name. Raja2 in Great Sangir was married with Makaampo family in other word saling bersaudara

    for u rcl.
    1st. Makaampo is not English his not Don!!!
    2nd. Makaampo name wrote with K instead C
    3rd. There is noname such Israel and
    Mohammad in our old paper in hand, all
    was sangir name.
    4th. No. 26 was named of J.K. Janis aswel
    No. 27 was Amu kepala daerah.
    5th. The latest person was rule tabukan
    it was Sarapil No. 20
    and all the name with C was with K

    Best regards

  3. Dear Mrs. Schadli;

    Thank you for your comment.Okay,I shall react on it point by point.
    The info after which I could make this daftar is taken from the documents of the National Archive in Holland,other government reports,books by international scholars,etc.
    I know,that nowadays Makaampo is the used way of writing the name,but in the old days they wrote that name like that.
    In Dutch language the C has the same pronounciation as the K and then the Sangir people had no written sources of their own in whch their names were written,so the Dutch just wrote down then the names as they heard it in their own language way.There are more names in Indonesia,which are now diferent from the way they used to be written.
    I know,that;like in most of the areas of the world;the angir royalty was intermarried;mostly because of politicial reasons.
    Don is not an English name,but Spanish.In that time the Indonesian rajas had contact with the Spanish for instance and became Roman Catholic.Some had total European sounded names,others only a title like that before.The rajas of Timor f.i. have until now Don in front of their names,the rajas of East-Flores have Don(before Dom)in from of their names and have total Portugese sounding names.
    In my record Raja (Don) Makaampo also has the rtaditional name of Wawenggehe.So I do not know,if Makaampo is Spanish,derived from a Spanish name,or local.I think local.
    Raja nummer 14 was Regent-Raja,or Presiden Pengantin Raja,so not from your dynasty.It is only a part of their total name.That name Israel can be seen in other dynasties also to point at the fact,that they are Christians.Raja number 22 is not from yiour dynasty also.His name was given to me in a letter by the son of the brother of this raja.After the last sarapil raja was pushed aside in 1929 he became raja.Before he was jogugu of S-Tabukan.The person,who informed me was the late Bapak Louis Macpal(died 2000);member of DPRD Sangir-Talaud.
    Umar Muhammad you could describe as temporary-ruler,or Wakil-ruler of what they called later in Indonesia swapraja(selfgoverning area).Maybe you know,that in 1944 nearly all the rajas(and other royalty and international elite there)were murdured by the Japanese,because the latter were afraid,that the ruling,etc. elite here wanted to start an anti-Japanese rebellion.
    No other person was selected after the murder on Raja L.I.P. Macpal 0n 9-11-1944 from the bangsawan Tabukan to be the next raja,so on a temporary-basis the governmentofficial Umar Muhammad from Minahasa became the ruler until 1946,followed by an;I think;same kind of ruler called Abdullah Muhammad,who came from Gorontalo.Only in 1949 they went back to Tabukan bangsawan with the selection of Rudolf A. Tasin(ex-jogugu N-Tabukan,or he was 1949-51 jogugu there.Sorry for this possible fault.))to be kepala swapraja.I do not know anything more about him.
    Abdullah Muhammad only ruled in 1946.Then Raja Willem Sarapil was raja again 1946-48 until he was called away for another political post.The information about Tasin and the 2 following rulers are given by Dr. Alex J. Ulaen of the Universitas Sam Ratulangi in Menado.It is based on Dutch missionary reports in the archive of the library of the Hendrik Kraemer Instituut;now in Utrecht/Holland.In these official documents also J.M. Laihad was mentioned as Tabukan Regional Official/Pejabat Swapraja from 1951 and B. Pontoh was promoted to Tabukan Regional Official/Kepala Swapraja from 1952-53.He was the last Tabukan Region Head Official,because not long after that the sub-district was formed(kecamatan).This info was written in the bookSilsilah/Tarsilas(genealogies)and historical narratives in Sarangani bay and davao gulf regions,South Mindanao,Philippines and Sangihe-Talaud islands,North Sulawesi,Indonesia by Dr. Shinzo Hayase,Dr. Domingo M. Non and Dr.Alex J. Ulaen(chief writer is Dr. Hayase from Tokyo/japan),.I have that book in my possesion.
    Raja Willem Sarapil became chief of Sangir-Talaud federation 20-3-1948 and remained as such until his death 24-5-1953.Of course in the hearts of the Tabukan people he remained their raja.
    I hope I was hereby being able to clear up some unclear thing,while you was reading my list.
    Thank you for your attention.
    It is good,that the people are still intereseted in their own history,a thing,that you do not see in Indonesia everywhere.
    I saw on your facebookpage the upperpart of a raja grave.Is that the grave of one of your forefathers?

    hank you for another reaction.

    Yours sincerelly:
    D.P. Tick gRMK/Pusaka

  4. Dolly Adolfin Schädli Lumiu said:

    Hallo Mr Tick,

    What ever you mentioned but there are no name of Abd. Muhammad in the family record after Camat Adrian; what wie had was Arifin Amu from gorontalo as a Kepala daerah and then Sutijoso has the same position and the Sangihe i heard was little bit satisfactioned during those time still have boardercrossing to make easily to market island product.

    yes that is the grave of forefathers with the symbols from Singa gunung the Sangihe Early Hero Woman name Wawu Mahang who has warm hand love to help the Sangihe people same as her Husband opa yg tinggi besar senang tolong orang. The funny things i found the Sangihe has said she could flying from Tanjung merah to Tua de Sura … hahahaha earlier time in Sangir already has Parasut can u imagine how fantastic.

    Anyway thats it.

    Sincerely Yours


  5. Dear Mrs. Schadli;

    Thank you also for your comment in this.

    Yours sincerelly:
    DP Tick

  6. Jens Tolosang said:

    Dear Mr. D.P. Tick,

    Are there any information about tradition or belief of Siau’s rajas or people concerning afterlife or burial tradition in the old days ?
    I was born and grown-up in Siau. When I was at high school age, I followed a group of people who digging old tombs in search for treasure. And fortunately there always was such value things as Chinas dated from Ming dynasty, gold jewelry, and ceramics of 18 centaury European styles we found burried near to the bodies. (tomb riders … ugh) . All these treasure valued millions rupiah. But at the end, police came to shut and forbid the activities, and deemed it as a robbery. Until now it has been forbiding.
    My queastion is, from where and how did all these treasure come to the place, who were those people now their skeleton lying in the tombs, and who were foreigner conducted transacion or trading with them.
    Thanks sir.

  7. Sinyo Denny Paparang Lalenoh said:

    did you know anythings about LALENOH family

  8. Dear Sir;

    I do not know anything about the Lalenoh family.I only researched a bit the raja history.But probably you know,that from 1782-1880/1 there were 4 rajas and 1 regent-raja,who ruled kerajaan Tabukan.After a time of other regent-rajas it went to the Sarapil branch of the dynasty in 1892.I really would like,who is now the main person in the Tabukan raja dynasty.So if a symbol of the historical dynasty had to be seolected,who then would have the miost rights to it.
    The Paparang clan actually from Tahuna and was intermarried with the Tabukan dynasty.
    Many intermingled there,so just one big family the rajas like on many other places in the world.
    But to talk about it briefly:Raja Don Francesco Macaampo/Uda I of Tabukan(1683-ca. 1700) had a daughter of a raja of Tahuna as a mother,so that is why because his younger brother became raja of Tahuna:Raja Raja Takaulimang/alias Raja Don Louis Melangin?ca. 1691-maybe 20-2-1705(other source says 1697 died).His son was Raja Zacharias Papahangsulung Paparang alias Tatandang II of Tahuna(20-2-1705-17??).His son was Raja Cornelis Paparang alias Manulungbansage(probably from before 1736-7-2-1747.His brother became raja of Tabukan:Raja Hendrik Daniel Paparang alias Pahawuateng II(1782-ca. 1785).He already was crownprince since 1771.
    Another raja with the name Paparnag was Raja Zacharias Paparang Mohonis of Tahuna(1756/7-1779).I do not knowfrom hom he was a son/grandson.
    Then you have Raja Franciscus Octavianus Paparang alias Batahi,who ruled as raja of Siau 1821/2-he died in 1839.He was son of Raja Pahawuateng II,who had married with Princess Elisabeth Jacobs;the sister of Raja Ericus Jacobsz/Begandule of Siau(1786-1790) and Raja Umboliwutang of Siau(1790-1821)and the daughter of Raja Ismail Jacobsz of Siau,who ruled 1752-1786.
    I hope this is a little bit helpfull to you as well.There must be ways to get info.Maybe there is a Paparang family facebookpage,like you have a Kansil Keluarga facebook page.Maybe on the last one
    there are also pepople,who can help you.
    As I said before:in many raja clans intermarriage.

    You can always erach me at my e-mail:
    pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl .

    Salam hormat:
    D.P. Tick

  9. Tiberius Christian Pontoh said:

    Dear Mr. D.P. Tick,
    My father’s family name is a Macpal, and Pontoh is my mother’s family name. But, I use my mother’s family name. Can you give me details information about Raja Levinus Israel Macpal (with ‘V’ not ‘F’, and he’s my dad’s grandfather), and also Buol Pontoh.
    Best Regards

  10. Dear Bapak Pontoh;

    I saw the facebook online also of Christian Tiberius Pontoh,so I shall send it to there.I will not add you to my fb list,because I prefer to communicate via e-mail:more privacy and more easy.

    Thank you.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick gRMK/Pusaka

  11. Revors Tamamilang said:

    Hallo MR.Tick : How about kings family ( General )…can u give me some information ?thx a lot

  12. Dear Mr. Tamamilang;

    I am now in Kaltim to do research on the dynasties there until end july.
    Yo need info about the raja family of abkan,or all Indonesia?
    Mail me;please;at pusaka.tick@tiscali.n .

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick

  13. Dear all;

    Already a new raja Siau is selected????

    Thank you.
    I have met Mr. Josias Tatontos in balikpapan.He lives in Jakarta.He is a great historian regarding Sangir-Talaud.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick

  14. djunaldo rembrandt bastiaan said:

    Dear Mr. Tick,

    My father name is Lutold W.D. Bastiaan and my uncle name is Axel Bastiaan, i would like to know more about my grand-grand father from you. Thx. GBU.

  15. Yang Mulia;

    Im am very happy to know you.Before I was contacted via this site by a very enthousiasic talking granddaughter of the last real raja from Tagulandang(1950-ies).I was very happy then and at elast sended my daftar raja2 Tagulandang to her.Also many info I have here about raja2 Tagulandang and kerajaan Tagulandang.
    But then later no reaction again.I do not understand why and I was disappointed.
    I also went to facebook of keluarga Besar bstiaan,but also no reaction.

    Okay,I can send you info,but I hope we can have a little bit contact for a while to exchange dokumentasi.
    You better can send to my e-mail pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl .
    Befiore raja2 Sangir-Talaud was very popular for me,because many keturunan2 raja Satal in Holland and they make me very enthousiastic.

    Thank you to send me e-mail.I only wait now until you have time to send me e-mail.

    Salam hormat:
    DP Tick

  16. marcel tatuil - kansil said:

    Dear Tick Mr.DP gRMK
    I am very interested in your writings on the blog Mr.buol, where you write a little about the existence of my ancestors,,
    it makes me more interested to know more about them ..
    I really hope Mr.tick can help me to know more about the genealogy of my ancestors ..
    with this I try to tell a little about the family tree as I know ..
    My grandfather is Kansil LEONARD, his father is yohanes Kansil was the eldest of the MD Kansil ..
    This is a little genealogy as I know, hopefully through Mr.tick I can find out more about the genealogy of the kings of Siau ..
    his thanks for the help ..

    my respect ..
    Marcel MENIX TATUIL Kansil

  17. Dear Pak Kansil;

    This is very interesting.I thank you.I suppose you are already member of the Kansil facebook group?There is now also a keluarga kerajaan Siau facebook;maintained by f.i. Pak John Suoth;He is keturunan of Mathias Salele Kansil.I though he was oldest son of Raja MD Kansil.He ruled in 1919.Died suddenly.He and Mr. Josias tatontos(both on fb)have much silsilah info about the Kansil dynasty of Siau.Mr. Tatontos has from me also the most complete list of the raja2 Siau with also the claimants/candidates before.Also they have on their facebook 2 photo’s of Raja MD Kansil;one from ca. 1895 and one from ca. 1906.Maybe we can contact via fb.My fb is called Donald Tick.I have contact with Mrs. Drs. F Maas-Villanueva via isjemaas@home.nl .She lives in Holland and is cucu of Raja MD Kansil and his last Pontoh wife.Her mother died a few years ago.Quite old. Okay,wait for your reaction.I have also seen a report from 1874 of 300 pages made by a colonial official about all the aspects of total Sangir-Talaud.Also about the rajas.I know Raja MD Kansil was born ca. 1838.But until now I do not know the exact date of death of him.Maybe in 1914,but what exazct date.Maybe you can find out.Thank you for all. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  18. Wonderfull! this is i’m looking for! Finally!!!
    Thanks to all who contributes all ofl these…GBU all….!!!!

  19. I wish you succes ;Sir Salam hormat: DP Tick/Holland

  20. Ezrah Macpal said:

    Shalom Mr Tick, im Ezra n i really interested about my family’s roots. can u tdescribe more about Raja Levinus Israel Petrus Macpal ? i really need that informaion for my experiment,

    Todah rabbah

  21. Sejarah adalak benar untuk panduan para generasi untuk memahami latar belakang keluarga besarnya. Titisan darah biru merupakan sejarah masa lampau, tapi kita patut mengsukuri atas sejarah itu dan berteima kasih kepada penulis sejarah maupun penerbit dalam we’re site ini, saya adalah generasi penerus sejarah para pendahulu dar Raja Lefianus Israel Petrus Macpal yang dipancung penjajah Jepang, sekaii saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada penerbit.

  22. Dear all; Thank you to try to help me.I have now a big report of 150 pages from 1879,with also many info about the raja2 Sangir Talaud.That was the first big try of Holland government to eally nderstand the Satal area.Also nowI have a big link to very good goverment magazine online from zaman dulu about all Indonesia.In English,but mostly i Bahasa Belanda.Very much info about Satal in it for ca. 100 years.hank you. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  23. extra info to the list of raja2 Tabukan:
    In 1677 Raja Don Francesco Macaampo of Tabukan was baptised.He is also known then as Raja Uda I.Before his baptism he was known as Raja BoeroedaoThat sounds a bit as Raja Uda.
    Raja Jacob Nicolaas Bebesang Paparang died 8-4-1852.He was then succeeded by his minor son Raja Hendrik David Kumuku Paparang under the rehgency of the Presiden pengantin raja Jacobus Mnosoh and the jogugu Zacharias Magambah(?). Salam hormat: DP Tick PS: I have now also the report of Padtbrugge from ca. 1670 about the Sangir kerajaan2.Full of many details.

  24. irynne Yulviana Musa said:

    Αϑα informasi tentang fam Sinadia?
    Krn menurut opa saya, kami adl keturunan langsung salah satu raja fam Sinadia ♈ğ dibunuh Belanda, ϑαπ dikuburkan ϑî desa Paghulu….

  25. Dear Madam;

    Sorry,I have never heard of any raja from a family called Sinadia,nor that Holland killed any raja of Tabukan.Can you give more information.Mister Josias Tantontos can be reached via facebook;he is a far keturunan raja Tabukan and knows much aboiut silsilahs.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerelly:
    DP Tick

  26. Jon Walandouw said:

    Ik heb ooit een oude foto van koning Pontoh en zijn alle familie,de koning van Karangetang,siau gezien. De moeder van mijn vriend is de grootkind van de koning,mijn vriend vertelde dat de koning was geslaagd door de japaner.ze wonen nu in makasar.Groetjes..(Jon Walandouw Salindeho)

  27. Dear Madam; You live in Holland?I would like to know more about this matter.Please.contact me at pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl ,or facebook Donald Tick. Thank you. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  28. Jon Walandouw said:

    No. sir,I live in Manado,is it very importan for your research ?

  29. Raja Makaampo (berilmu tinggi dan melawan belanda) mati dibunuh oleh Hulu Balang dari Siau bernama Hengkeng Nau.

  30. Thank you very much for this detail,Sir!!!

  31. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    SAya tidak tau pasti sejarah raja macpal,yang saya tau hanya saya cucu dari arina macpal anak dari Lao edi macpal cucu dari djogugu rindu macpal,arina macpal anak pertama dari Lao edi,arina Banyak bersaudara salah satu adiknya harce macpal,Lao edi macpal byk bersaudara Di PETA,enemawira Dan sekitar tabukan utara,saya tidak tau pasti Lao edi berapa bersaudara.
    Inilah sejarah macpal Di keluargaku.
    Sifrit Harman-Macpal
    Manalu-bentung,kecamatan tabukan selatan,sangihe-talaud

  32. Thank you.What do you know about the raja Macpal?

  33. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Saya tidak tau pasti siapa nama raja yang Di sebut macpal,sebab macpal diambil dari bahasa sangihe pada saat itu -make’palre’ yang berarti keras,kebal Dan tangguh berperang Dan mulai saat itu hingga sampai saat ini macpal Di gunakan nama besar keluarga keturunannya Dan nama keluarga para pekerja kerajaan.
    Yang saya tau saya cucu dari arina macpal,anak dari Lao edi macpal,anak dari djogugu rindu macpal.
    Dan Di bentung terdapat pusara seperti makam raja saya tidak tau apakah itu makam opo Lao edi atau djogugu rindu.
    Makam tersebut Di renovasi awal tahan 1990 an Di bwh pemerintahan semsius nagaring yg punya silsilah keluarga macpal dari kulur tabukan-tengah.

  34. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Setahuku macpal atau make’palre’ adalah gelar atau julukan buat raja tersebut,saya tidak tau siapa pribadi yang Di juluki make’palre’ dlm bahasa sangihe Dan macpal dlm bahasa belanda ini..

  35. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Djogugu rindu macpal punya Banyak saudara yang menetap Dan tinggal di peta,enemawira dan sekitar tabukan-utara.

  36. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Terima kAsih buat pak.buol Dan Mr.tick krn perduli dgn sejarah raja2 yg pernah memerintah Di kepulauan sangihe..silsilah singkat yg saya tulis itu berdasarkan informasi dari pamanku jdutje Harman pamanku,anak dari arina macpal Dan dari cerita orang lain Markus budiman,cerita ttg keluarga macpal Di dlm keluargaku aku rasa tidak terlalu penting sebab nenekku sendiri tak pernah sedikitpun bercerita ttg keluarga macpal dia lebih sering bercerita ttg keluarga Carlos,keluarga dari ibunya,lenna macpal..edi dan lenna Di pisahkan,Di ceraikan oleh belanda karen a memiliki sama fam yaitu macpal,Lao edi menikah lg dgn perempuan lain. yg memperanakan oma Di kuma yg menikah dgn keluarga Janis serta yg pajang adik adalah harce macpal,Dan lenna macpal menikah lagi dgn pria l

  37. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Dan lenna macpal menikah lg dgn pria lain bernama keluarga adrian Di manado,Dan nenekku arina macpal Di besarkan oleh keluarga dari ibunya,kemungkinan Di dlm keluargaku hanya saya sendiri yang paling suka membahas silsilah keluarga macpal.
    Arina macpal adalah keturunan sah dari keluarga kerajaan macpal sebab. dia anak hasil buah pernikahan,sedangkan Lao edi punya Banyak anak Di luar pernikahan.

  38. Dear all; When you go to facebook Josias Tantontos and others you can ge the libe of descent of this raja and also the picture of him,which I gave some time ago to this genealogist.All detials in English about this raja are welcome.I do not know the info

  39. about this raja very mich.I only know,that his father was like him was also the jogugu of S Tabukan .That father was Elias Rindu Macpal,who was married with Patras Rachel Tontang from Tahuna.S Tabukan alkso called Manalu.From 1939-killed 9-11-1944n Karel Patras Macpal was also jogugu of ST.He was married with Adolfien Abast and their in 2001 died son was a member of the DPRD Sangir-Talaud.Raja Lefinus Macpal was married with the sister of Raja A Adriaan of Tahuna and they had a son called Nico Macpal,who had begot a daughter called Sisca Macpal.Thank you. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  40. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Selama hidupnya arina macpal hanya bercerita sedikit sama saya,lenna macpal ibu dari arina macpal,menikah lagi Dengan opa yang ber family Adrian Di manado dan punya anak bernama Petrus Kami panggil petu dlm bhs sangihe,petrus jg punya saudari kalau tidak salah 2 orang lagi sesuai dgn budaya sangihe mereka membawa fam adrian..

  41. The son of Raja Adrian of Kendahe-Tahuna is a good contact of me and lives in Amsterdam/Holland.

  42. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Sampai saat ini saya tidak tau nama lengkap lao edi macpal,dan Lao edi berapa bersaudara..maaf,sayapun baru tau ttg raja Levinus macpal lwt Facebook macpal big family,kalau Di lihat dari sejarah mgkn raja Levinus adalah saudara kandung Lao edi,sebab arina macpal labor tahun 1921,tanggal Dan bulan lahirnya saya tidak tau,tapi skrg saya mencari informasi dari oma yg Di kuma sebab dia msh hidup,dia adalah adik dari arina macpal tapi beda ibu.

  43. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Saya sdh mencari informasi ttg silsilah raja macpal dan keturunannya,saya bertanya sama sisca macpal sebab saudara tatontos dpt informasi dari dia melalui Facebook macpal big family,tapi Belum dapat balasan dari sisca macpal.

  44. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Kalimat saya ralat lagi,arina macpal lahir tahun 1921.

  45. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Saya sudah membaca dokumen dari sisca macpal,silsilah keluarga macpal yang dia tulis lengkap,saya senang sekali ternyata Lao edi nama lengkapnya Frederick macpal ayahanda dari arina macpal,ibunya dantje harman,ayahanda sifrit Harman-Macpal.
    * nama keluarga macpal Di belakang namaku saya sendiri yang menambahkannya.

  46. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Frederick macpal anak dari djogugu rindu macpal menikah Dengan lenna macpal(nama lengkap lenna macpal saya tidak tau pasti).Frederick Dan lenna memiliki anak sah pertama yaitu arina macpal,kemudian Frederick menikah lagi Dengan perempuan lain salah satu anaknya yang saya tau namanya adalah harce macpal dan Frederick memiliki anak lain di luar pernikahan.
    Arina macpal menikah dengan spiner harman,arina Dan spiner memiliki anak-anak.
    1.willson harman
    2.wondrick harman
    3.djutje harman
    4.alter harman
    5.jantje harman
    6.dantje harman
    Arina Dan spiner memiliki anak pertama(perempuan)tapi meninggal masih kecil,Dan jantje memiliki seorang adik sebelum dantje tapi. meninggal masih kecil.


  47. Bisakah saya mendapatkan informasi tentang kerajaan di Siau – Tagulandang? Sebab kabarnya Oma saya : Everdine Tamara adalah keturunannya. Terima-kasih.

  48. P.S.: Maybe Mr. Ronny Buol can end me the e-mail of Mrs. Christine,so that I am sure to be in contact with her.Thank you.

  49. Dear Madam; Strange…I sended a long list of info about Raja LM Tamara,but disappeared.Okay,I repeat here:this raja ruled 28-4-1901 until abdicated before 1-11-1912.Maybe begin 1912.They said he was from Minahassa.Any info about him welcome.On http://www.maritiemdigitaal.nl searching with radja(foto 23 ca.),or Tagoelandang you can see a picture of this raja in 1902.If you are interested I can buy that picture.Price is ca. 100.000 rp.Sounds expensive,but is normal price.Then the picture is supersharp and I can send via e-mail.You can contact me via facebook Donald Tick ,or via pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl . After 7-6 @kpn.nl .Thank you.Mr. Josias Tatontos and chief raja dynasty of Siau Pak John Suoth Kansil are on my facebook and have old silsilahs of the rajas of Tagulandang also.Thank you to react to me. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  50. L.S.; Sorry,but it seems,that I have not always luck on this blog.Several royals of Sangir-Talaud react to my lists of the rajas of Tabukan and Tagulandang here,then I react with great enthousiasm,but then I can not contact them.So kasian,because I so much would like to exchange ifno about their raja family time history. Thank you. Yours sincerelly: DP Tick

  51. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Pak ronny buol jg bisa join di facebook keturunan raja raja sangihe.
    Makaampo bukan di bunuh oleh pejuang dari siau,tapi makaampo di bunuh seorang pemberani dari tamako,atas permintaan pejuang siau.

  52. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Saudara jimmy macpal dan ezrah macpal boleh saya tau silsilah lengkap keturunan dari keluarga opa levinus Macpal?,saya keturunan macpal dari frederick anak djogugu rindu macpal.
    Saya pernah membaca artikel yg di tulis sisca macpal anak nico macpal cucu opa levinus macpal.

  53. sifrit Harman-Macpal said:

    Dear saudara jimmy dan ezrah macpal.
    Saya sifrit harman anak dari
    Dantje harman.
    Dantje harman,anak dari arina macpal.
    Arina macpal,anak dari frederick macpal.
    Frederick macpal,anak dari djogugu rindu macpal.
    Inilah silsilah keluarga kerajaan macpal di dalam keluarga kami.
    Sifrit Harman-Macpal.

  54. Dear all; In some Dutch sources I found a part of history of Tabukan.Radja Jacobus Marcus Dalero died before 30-1-1722 during a smallpox epidemics,in which 3.000 people died(in Tabukan,or all over Sangir?).The son of his predecessor and brother Radja Matheus Franciscus Maccampo,Don Philip Macaämpo,was then chosen as new raja.But then a certain Zacharias Macaämpo(an uncle,borhter,cousin???)rebelled against that decission.Maybe he wanted to take power himself,or ???Before 20-1-1722 he already made trouble.I do not know,if he did that during the rule of Radja Jacobus Marcus Dalero.Because it would be a bit strange,if he was allowed to make trouble for 10 months,because before 30-11-1722 he was captured.He still went on with his bad intentions in the speaking,so they thought better to remove him to another place/island.
    He had taken the regalia/pusaka of the raja.His 2 main folowers were Jogugu Abraham Lolosoulon and the Kapitan Laut Claas Macquian,who later humbled themselve before the king and gave back the regalia.It was then felt not to be the time to present the new Raja Philipus Macaämpo,because the people had more symphaty for Philip Rattemaniki,of whom I do not know the place in the pedigree. I hope you like this message. Thank you for your attention. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  55. Raja Philip Macaämpo was already made raja before 20-11-1722,but could not rule because of the rivalry.

  56. Sorry..little mistake..Philip Makaämpo was chosen for Tagulandang.Also he the otjhertman was popular there.The chiefs of Tabukan however also wanted him as their raja.Thye rajas of Tabukan ,Manganitu and Kendahe had died in 1722/3 during a smallpox epidemics.Only 36 Christians on the island survived.Later more.

  57. To Ronny Buol
    Koreksi ke-1 : ” Radja Taboekan ke-13 yakni David Papukule Sarapil, turun tahta di tahun 1922, dan di gantikan oleh Anaknya, yakni Willem Alexander Kehendage Sarapil, radja ke-14 di Taboekan. David Papukule Sarapil meninggal tahun 1927. pada tanggal 23 April.” Koreksi ke-2 ; Untuk kepala/Chief Swapraja yang terakhir di kerajaan Taboekan bernama ” Bijol Mercy Ponto- He’s was Prince in Kendahe & Tahuna”. bukan Buol Pontoh spt yg terlampir. Mohon koreksi ini dapat dipertimbangkan dan juga dapat dikonfirmasi ke pihak keluarga besar Ponto-Kansil di tahuna, Manado, Jakarta, samarinda, batam,
    Trima kasih.

    N. Kansil-Pers Media Kajian & Informasi Tata Ruang Indonesia/ Majalah bulanan Nasional & Online news/ Kabiro Nusa Utara….

  58. Dear Mister Kansil; Thank you.Interesting to read it.Yes,I am also interested in the rulers of the swapraja Tabukan after 1948./Maybe you have more info about them.Yes,it was told to me that Bijol Pontoh is his real name.Now I know his complete name.They said,that he died in 1981 in Tahuna.When Raja Wellem Sarapil was deposed in 1929 for a short time Justhus Kathiandagho was the temporay chief of the government as jogugu of kerajaan Tabukan.Maybe someone knows more info about him.I hope still someone from the raja dynasty of Siau can make a picture of the grave of Raja Manulang Dulaq Kansil of Siau.Still would like to know,qhen he was born and when he died. Many thanks for all. I shall try to find more info of the raja2 Siau and Tagulandang and the rest of Satal area later.Then I shall always send it to this website,if neccasary.From 1-4 september is the Festival Keraton Nusantara VIII in Bau-Bau/Buton.I think,that the chief of the raja dynasty of Siau;Pak Raja Muda John Suoth Kansil,also will go there.Maybe with his contact from the raja dynasty Jacobs from Tagulandang.I hope,that the raja dynasties of Tabukan and Manganitu and Tahuna and Kendahe and Talaud also will go there. I not have very direct. contact with the raja dynasties of Manganitu and Tahuna and Kendahe.
    Mr Buol,can you ;please,change my e-mail adcress in this site.Now it is: pusaka.tick@kpnmail.nl . Thank you for all.

    Salam hormat:DP Tick

  59. ronaldmanolang said:

    Dear Mr Tick,

    Did you have some history of 0ur grand-grand father Bawangung Lare Manolang.from Salurang, especially..

    Salam Hormat,
    ronald manolang

  60. Dear Sir; Her was a keturunan raja also?Maybe better contact with Mr Josias Tatontos via facebook.He is a keturunan Raja Tabukan and a big specialist on the silsiulah raja2 Sangir.Any info about the rajas,etc. of there always welcome.Succes. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  61. Julieke Ekashanti Tulende Harimu said:

    Dear Mr. Tick

    Did you have some history of my famiLy with marga HARIMU PONTO from Tagulandang..

    saLam hormat;
    Julieke Tulende Harimu

  62. Dear Madam; Sorry,I only can say to ask the person,which I mentioned above.He is more better in such matters of the very detail. I wish youy succes with it.All details about the rajas are always welcome. Salam hormat: DP Tick Holland pusaka.tick@kpnmail.nl .

  63. Dear all; In a report of december 1745 I read,that Raja Don Philip Maccampo was in a state of physical and mental qwrakness and some people asked to let him step down as the raja.Holland actually reacted,that first they had to have more informationabout it befpre they could come to a decission.Only in 1748 the jogugu became the temp[orary ruler.I do not know until when.As you see only in 1757 the rule of the raja ended. Thank you. Salam hormat: DP Tick

  64. Sorry:physical and mental weakness.

  65. Dear Sifrit Harman Macpal

    Please find the Close Family of Nico Macpal http://www.scribd.com/doc/40265558/Close-Family-of-Nico-Macpal

    From Djogugu Rindu Macpal His Maternal Ancentry Luhuang go to Tahuna, Kendahe, Tabukan, also to Siau

    I do not have the Ancestry of Mogenus Macpal it seem that Mogenus Macpal are from Tariang in North Tabukan

    My Great-Great Grandmother are from Tariang Also her name are Kondang Duata Macpal daughter of Dorong Kirala Macpal

    I try to find the relation of Mogenus Macpal and Dorong Kirala Macpal

    L.P Macpal Wife are Johana Adriaan and Her Ancestry are in Tabukan and Siau

    Hope this explanation will help you to find your acestry

  66. Opo W. G. G. L. said:

    Saya tak tahu banyak tentang keluarga besar LAIHAD. Adakah yang dapat menginformasikan atau menjelaskan tempat serta waktu (tanggal/bulan/tahun) lahir dan ketika mati/wafat di mana (termasuk lokasi makam/kuburan) seorang Regent Manganguling Laihad?

  67. (W. G. G. L.)--Opo said:

    Beberapa pihak dan/atau sumber menyebut bahwa di negeri Belanda, khususnya di Leiden dan Utrecht pada kampus ternama–lebih dari 300 tahun menjadi penjajah di Nusantara, termasuk kepulauan Sangihe, tentu kearsipan pihak kerajaan Belabda lebih lengkap, akurat dan valid.

    Apabila ingin menelusur, cari dulu pada dokumen di pihak kerajaan Belanda. Satu hal yang pasti, dokumen pada pihak keturunan/generasi para raja Sangihe–era penjajahan Belanda–belum terlalu kuat/meyakinkan, validasinya memerlukan pembuktian dari pihak kerajaan Belanda.

    Saya tak berniat atau bermaksud mengendurkan semangat banyak pihak yang ingin tahu para raja Sangihe pada zaman Belanda maupun masa sebelum Belanda menjadikan negeri Sangihe koloni mereka. Banyak catatan dan/atau referensi berada di Belanda. Bagaimana dengan pengaruh Spanyol dan Portugis, kaitannya dengan para Raja Tabukan atau di Tabukan? Saya menduga ada kaitan atau hubungan, boleh sebagai perkawinan hubungan politik (dalam pendekatan pemberian nama individu serta nama keluarga, pun sebutan DON); pada hal lain menyangkut nama keluarga/fam ada Da Lopes (yang dalam lafal orang portugis hilang huruf “S”, diindonesiakan jadi Dalope).

  68. W. G. G. L. -- arengku Opo said:

    Saya baru gabung. Mohon maaf jika banyak informasi tak diketahui, pun yang saya sampaikan kurang berkenaan dan berkenan.
    Salut untuk banyak pihak yang mau mendokumentasi sebagai bahan pustaka generasi Sangihe, yang turunan para raja maupun saudara sesama “kawanua” sengkawanuang su rendinganeng u’ sengkanaung.
    Somahe Kai Kehage Maning Belade

  69. 'Ben Janis said:

    “menarik sekali” …saya beruntung bisa mengetahui… mengenal… bahkan menjadi bagian dari warisan sejarah masa lalu. saya 6 bersaudara, saya tahu bahwa kami turunan ke-4 dari Raja Kendahe Daniel Ambat Petrus JANIS (1845 -1893), Turunan ke 8, Mehengkelangi II / Raja. Ismael Yakobus (Raja SIAU ke-8, 1752-1788), turunan ke-16, Raja SIAU – I (1510 – 1545) LOKONGBANUA – I, turunan ke-19 dari Datuk (Raja) Gumansalangi “Medelu” RAJA PERTAMA diKepulauan SATAL (1300-1400 di SALURANG-MOADE. saya dilahirkan di Salurang-Moade 1975, Opa saya Pdt. Yosias Janis, meninggalkan warisan harta sebuah buku salinan catatan-catatan sejarah dan beberapa hikayat, termasuk beberapa catatan silsilah Raja-Raja di kerajaan Tabukan. termasuk juga Daftar nama Raja-Raja, di Siau, Tagulandang, Tahuna, Manganitu, Tabukan dan Kendahe. Sekarang saya mulai menyusun ulang, membuat salinan-salinan dan melengkapi susunan silsilah mulai dari Turunan Janis sampai dengan hubungan ikatan kawin-mawin Datuk-Datuk dan Raja-Raja seTabukan dan SATAL keseluruhan. mungkin kita bisa berbagi cerita, dan informasi.
    trimakasih untuk semua usaha dan perhatian terhadap kelestarian sejarah Sangir Talaud.

  70. There were several people,who had the name Janis and who were rajas,or temporary rajas.All info about them welcome.Thank you. My new e-mail pusaka.tick@kpnbmail.nl ,orfacebook Donald Tick

  71. Wow nice

  72. Brarti sy di garis kturunan royal dong..cool

  73. DP Tick said:

    Buol Ponto must be Bidjol Ponto.nephew of Raja Christian Ponto of Kendahe Tahuna and alsohe was selected as possible crownporince opf KT.He was in 1952 2 times kepala sapraja of Taguilandang.Sorry.

  74. You right, Buol Ponto is Bidjol Ponto, is my father. His father is Riden Ponto, jogugu of Kendahe, is the younget brother of Raja Christian Ponto, of Kendahe Tahuna.

  75. Bintang said:

    Apa ada hubungan nya dgn keluarga alm.Milton Kansil di Bitung?

  76. DP Tick said:

    My new e-mail upang1960@gmail.com

  77. DP Tick said:

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