In the past, the tradition of elongating ears was not only done by women, but also men. In Dayak Kayaan, long ears for men shows the status of nobility. However, some inais (greeting for old women) in Bahau that we encountered, long earlobes also symbolizes owners’ beauty.

Longthened earlobes also become the identity of age. Therefore, there is a narrative saying that long time ago, hisangs (round earing hanging from the earlobes), are added by its owner as age increases. And it is a test, because time by time it is heavier. Imagine, the earlobes lengthend in such a way, as the number of hisang hanging.

Therefore, women who have long earlobes are regarded as women who have the patience and are able to pass through long-suffering. Because, almost all whose earlobes made long, are always accompanied by tattos whether on the hands or feet.

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