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Kiriman Tulisan Dari D.P. Tick

I have a list of the rajas and kepala swapraja of Tagulandang, but sometimes i don’t know from whom a raja is a descendant.maybe some of you can help me.
You can also write directly to my e-mailbox.thank you for all.

Daftar Raja2 Kerajaan Tagulandang
(List Of The Rajas Of The Principality Of Tagoelandang)

1). Ratu Lohoraung (Ca. 1570)
2). Raja Balango (Grandson;1609-1645/9)
3). Raja/Datu Wawiosi Bawias;As Christian Called Anthony Bapias (1649-1675;Grs)
4). R. Philip Anthoniszoon Aralungnusa (1675-1720;Son)
5). R. Johannis Batahi Jacobus Manihise (Or Philip Jacobus) (Son Of Sister;1720-1753)
6). R. Andries(Josef?)Tamarol (Descended From Whom?;1755-1782(Died);Appointed 16-8-1754;I Wonder,Who Was Ruling 1753-1755)
7). R. Cornelis(Christiaan)Tamarol (1782-1798;Son)
8). R. Philip Jacobszoon (1798-1820;Descended Of Who?)
9). R. Johannes Philip Jacobszoon (182-1842/3(Deposed);Son)
10). R. Frederik Philip Jacobszoon/Kambea (1843-1851(Died;Son)
11). R. Lukas Philip Jacbszoon/Tuwombango (Son;1851-3 March 1871), Died;Became Muslim)
12). R.Christiaan (Christijn) Matheoszoon/Makahiking (871-1885;Until 1874 Temporary Raja;Descended From Whom?)
13). One Source Also Gives R. Laurens Philip Jacobs/Karangetang (1881-1885;Descended From Whom?)
14) R. Salmon Bawole (1885-28 April 1901;Abdicated;I Have Picture Of Him)
15) R. Laurentius Manuel Tamara (1901-1912;A Minahassa Nobleman) (I Have Picture Of Him)
16). R. Cornelis Tamaleroh (1912-1917), (Abdicated;Descended From Whom?)
 After Him To Suitable Succesor Could Be Found,So The Rajas Of Siau Were In That Time Temporary-Rajas As Well Of Tagulandang
17). R. Anthonie Jafet Kansil Bogar Of Siau (Temp. Raja;1917-1918, D. November)
18). R. A. Demsey Laihad (Cousin;Temp. Raja Of Siau;1918-1919/20)
19). R. Lodewijk Nicolaas Kansil Of Siau (Cousin;1920-1922;In 1929 Deposed As Raja Of Siau)
20). Hendrik Philip Jacobs/Melempe (1922-1935;Descended From Whom?;Signed Contract As Raja With Holland 18-12-1922;1929-1930 Also Temp. Raja Of Siau;I Have Picture Of Him)
21). Frans Pieter Parengkuan (Minahasa Government Official;1935-1937)
22). Willem Philip Jacobs/Simbad (Son 20;Temp. Caretaker;1937-1944;Executed Begin (Januari)1945 By Japan)
23). Regent Paul Tiendas (Minahassa Person;1944-1946;Abdicated;Born Ca. 1901)
24). Hermanus Obed Hamel (1946-1949;With Title Jogugu/Vice-Raja)
25). Philip(S) Willem Jacobs (Son 22;1949-1951(?);Title:Asisten Wedana;B. Ca. 1928)
25-29). Until 1959 There Were 5 Other Kepala Swapraja,But I Dion’t Know Their Names.
Also I Would Like To Know The Chief Of The Dynasty/Main Person In The Dynasty.
Thank You For All.

Hormat Saya:
D.P. Tick Grmk/Pusaka.